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Welcome to cartoonsbymarzio.com. In this site you will find the work of full time caricaturist and cartoonist Marzio Manderioli. Enjoy your visit and keep in touch via Facebook, Twitter, or RSS!
Marzio Manderioli self-portrait In July of 1966, Marzio Manderioli’s family immigrated to Canada from Cento, Ferrara Italy. After a short stint in Guelph, Ontario, Marzio and his parents and his brother Flavio took up residence in Kelowna, B.C. In the fall of 1966 Marzio was 8 years old so he enrolled in grade 3 at A.S. Matheson Elementary. There he did his best to learn English and adopt Canadian customs but the thing that most intrigued him was the satirical humour he discovered in comics and edgy magazines like MAD and Cracked. Marzio’s obsession with doodling and cartooning began to develop at this time.

Marzio’s parents had a few traditions in the house and one of them was to watch the National News on CBC every night. Marzio’s mom, Luisa Manderioli had an infectious sense of humour and a very sarcastic wit. Marzio’s brother Flavio was also funny (he still is) and so the Manderioli household weathered the typical difficulties encountered by all immigrants by celebrating wit and focusing on laughter. If that weren’t sufficient inspiration, Marzio’s aunt, Ada Bregoli-Orlandi and Cousin Gloria would also visit and entertain everyone with their wit and poignant observations. Because they are Italian, there was always good food, too.

Intermittently during the past 30 years, Marzio has published editorial cartoons in newspapers, produced illustrations for books and worked as a caricaturist in shopping centres and at festivals. Today, Marzio works full time both as a high school teacher in Kelowna and a freelance cartoonist throughout the globe. During the day he teaches English and Journalism at Kelowna Secondary school; during the night he morphs into a satirical juvenile with a desire to lampoon the universe.

Marzio’s love affair with cartoons specifically focuses on the power of “line.” He loves the magic that a line drawn well can create on a blank piece of paper. While cartooning is often derided as “simple art,” it is actually more difficult than it seems and the reactions it provokes run the full gamut: from laughter to embarrassment to anger - sometimes even to violence!

Among the many cartoonists Marzio admires, a few stand out as exceptional and worthy of special mention. For the expressiveness of characters and for unique wit, Adrian Raeside of the Victoria Times Colonist and Gary Larson of the Far Side Cartoons are absolute masters. For wit combined with excellent draftsmanship, Andy Donato’s work with the Toronto Sun is just superb. For sheer artistic talent, for his power of observation and attention to expressive detail, Mort Drucker of MAD fame is surely the “undisputed kahuna in the galaxy.”

Marzio resides with his wife, son and dog in Kelowna, B.C. His philosophy is that life is a precious gift and that life is too short to spend…not cartooning……
Cartoons can make unique gifts and bring levity to all sorts of situations. Use them to celebrate special occasions such as birthdays, retirements and anniversaries. Below is a catalogue of cartoon options for you.

NOTE: All work must be pre-ordered and paid for prior to delivery. Orders other than reprints can be placed by emailing Marzio directly (See “Contact” Tab). Payment for custom orders can be made either through PAYPAL or by cheque. Orders through PAY PAL will be processed quicker and the cartoons will be delivered sooner.


High resolution digital copies of the cartoons on this web site can be ordered for $10.00 each; simply use the "add to cart" button at the top of any cartoon, and the shopping cart button at the right of the page (when looking at Info page tab).


For commissioned work, you will need to send Marzio a clear, high resolution photo of the subject of the cartoon with info, special instructions, a relevant scenario, etc. You will also need to specify if you want Marzio to use the photo inside the cartoon or if you want the cartoon to be a true caricature.

• Order an 8x10, colour, caricature for $50.00
• Order an 8x10, b/w, caricature for $40.00
• Order an 11x 14, colour, full- bodied caricature for $100.00
• Order an 11x 14, b/w, full- bodied caricature for $80.00

*If more than two individuals appear on these drawings, add $15.00 to the prices above. Postal charges will also apply for orders outside British Columbia.

*Once you've arranged your commission with Marzio, you can use this button to pay online with Paypal:


Need artwork for cards, posters, T-shirts? Send Marzio your ideas and dimensions for the work and he will quote you a price.


Be the envy of your Facebook friends or simply surprise a loved one with a unique and clever gift. Send Marzio a good picture and he will draw a cartoon portrait or caricature of you or your friend. Based on demand, Marzio can guarantee this in just a few days from time of order. For a customized, colour, cartoon torso and head shot -- just $20.00!
To place an order for customized artwork, or to comment on the contents of this web site, email Marzio at:


Write to Marzio at:

Marzio Manderioli
1450 Denver Road
Kelowna, B.C.
Canada V1Y 8C2

Phone: (250) 718 – 9394
Fax: (250) 763-9367
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